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We outline our missions, aims and tasks in this page!

  1. This center will act as a bridge connecting the two cultures. (Afghan and Irish Cultures).

  2. Introduce the Afghan culture to the Irish people through news broadcast, radio, television, exhibition and meetings.

  3. Introduce the Irish culture to Afghan people in Ireland through newspaper and meetings.

  4. Introduce the Irish culture to the Afghans in Afghanistan through newspaper, film, television, exhibition and meetings.

  5. Informing Afghans of the technological and cultural advances of Ireland, its history, and its role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

  6. Establish a library in Dublin, in which most books are about culture and society ( written in Dari and English). This would be ASCCI's office as well.

  7. Establish an Afghan social and Cultural center in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan.

  8. Establish the cultural center with the aim of research about culture, art, history of Ireland and Afghanistan in Dublin and Kabul.

  9. Publishing a monthly magazine called " Doosti" in Dublin and hopefully in Kabul in the future.

  10. Organizing the financial aid from the cultural authorities of Ireland for continuation of the activities at ASCCI and hope that the authorities which are related will help us in this major problem.


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